Alfredo Corchado: Homelands


Alfredo Corchado is the Mexico Border correspondent for the Dallas Morning News and author of Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey Through a Country’s Descent into Darkness. Born in Durango, Mexico, he was raised in California and Texas. His career in journalism includes the El Paso Herald-Post, the Wall Street Journal, and The Dallas Morning News. He is a Nieman, Woodrow Wilson, Rockefeller, Lannan, USMEX and IOP fellow, and the winner of the Maria Moors Cabot Prize and Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for Courage in Journalism. He was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters in 2018. Corchado lives between El Paso and Mexico City but calls the border home. His latest book, HOMELANDS, was relaunched in September in Spanish and English paperback version with a new epilogue


The border is not just a geographical place, but a mindset. It’s not a no-man’s land over run by criminals in need of a wall to separate us from them. For millions it’s just a dynamic, vibrant place surrounded by some of the safest communities anywhere; It’s also a piñata for politicians and a target for White Supremacist. Whether demographics, or economic integration, the border is a peek into the future. Join us for a conversation with Alfredo Corchado, a renowned author and reporter, about the epicenter of our Homelands, the border.

“This personal, moving tale illuminates the very heart of the polarizing immigration debate that is roiling America today.” – David Axelrod, Former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama