Wendy Pearlman: We Crossed the Bridge and it trembled.


Dr. Pearlman, Professor of Middle East Studies at Northwestern University is the author of “We Crossed the Bridge and It Trembled”. Her book is the result of personal interviews with over 300 displaced Syrians across the Middle East, Europe and the United States. It chronicles the Syrian war from its origins in peaceful protest to its present horror, solely through the words of ordinary people transformed by its unfolding. Through the voices of children, parents, students, teachers, web designers, artists, playwrights, doctors, engineers and many others, we can better learn of the heart-wrenching toll of this tragic war.

“Many of these voices are unforgettable…Pearlman shapes her subjects’ narratives, winnowing interview down to stirring examples of human adaptation. Essential reading” 

 --New York Times Book Review