Dave Evans

Dave Evans spoke about various subjects from around the world.  They will include:  (1) Afghanistan:  What 40 years of civil war portends for the future?  (2) Iraq:  Who won the war?  (3) Syria:  Get in or stay out?  (4) China:  When will the Middle Kingdom dominate the world?  (4) Technology & Globalization:  Will healthcare & education catch up with manufacturing?  As the reader can see, Dave is not smart enough to avoid controversial subjects, and his talk is sure to be both enlightening and provocative!

Dave Evans is a self-described foreign affairs junkie.  He has served in leadership rolls on various World Affairs Council boards for more than 40 years.

Currently, Dave serves on both the board of World Denver and the board of the Colorado Foothills World Affairs Council.  At Foothills, he recruited the majority of the speakers over the past decade, but has now retired from that position. 

Dave retired from Deere & Company (John Deere) and then managed a small international corporate financial consulting business. 

He has worked in China, India, Europe as well as North America.  He has served on the board of directors for three public companies and he manages farming operations in Iowa.  Mr. Evans also writes for the blog, GlobalReasoning.org.  He received a BS degree in economics from Iowa State University and an MBA degree finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.