Chris Finan

Chris Finan recently served as the Director for Cybersecurity Legislation and Policy on the National Security Staff in the White House. Prior to this assignment he oversaw technology development for the Plan X cyberwarfare program at Defense Advances Research Project Agency (DARPA).  While Mr. Finan was on the White House staff he was responsible for assisting in the development of the administration’s cybersecurity legislation proposals, and led the executive branch negotiations with Congress.  Mr. Finan also helped draft the recent Cybersecurity Executive Order.  

Previously, Mr. Finan founded a technology start-up specializing in big data analytics, and developed non-profit programs to train veterans for careers in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.  Mr. Finan served seven years in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot and intelligence officer, including a combat tour in Iraq where he worked as an intelligence officer and counterterrorism liaison to the Iraqi government.  After attending public schools in northeastern Pennsylvania, Mr. Finan studied Political Science and Arabic at the United States Air Force Academy.  Mr. Finan is a Truman National Security Project Fellow and has written on Internet freedom, privacy and security issues.  His proposal for a military cyber-assistance campaign to establish a digital safe haven in Syria was recently featured in the New York Times.