Dr. Christine Fair: Political Crisis in Pakistan: The Military, the Government, and the Opposition

C. Christine Fair is on the faculty of the Center for Peace and Security Studies (CPASS), within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. She has served as a senior political scientist with the RAND Corporation,[2] a political officer to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan in Kabul, and as a senior research associate within the Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention at the United States Institute of Peace. Her research focuses upon political and military affairs in South Asia. She has authored, co-authored and co-edited several books including Treading Softly on Sacred Ground: Counterinsurgency Operations on Sacred Space (OUP, 2008); The Madrassah Challenge: Militancy and Religious Education in Pakistan (USIP, 2008), Fortifying Pakistan: The Role of U.S. Internal Security Assistance (USIP, 2006); among others and has written numerous peer-reviewed articles covering a range of security issues in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. She is a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Council on Foreign Relations and also a senior fellow with the Counter Terrorism Center at West Point.

She is a frequent commentator on television and radio including the CBS, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Voice of America, Fox, Reuters, NPR among others. She has given extensive interviews to journalists with the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Businessweek, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and other print media outlets.

As it says on her webpage, “She can cause trouble in multiple languages.”