Keith Luse: North Korea and the World: What’s Next?

Since the end of World War II North Korea has been a dangerous and unpredictable enigma to the rest of the world. Today, Kim Jong-un, the latest member of the Kim dynasty, has the bomb and is publically developing missile capabilities. As the rest of the world and it closest neighbor, China, struggle with how to respond, the people of North Korea are being increasingly oppressed. This program will examine today’s reality and options.

Speaker, Keith Luse, Executive Director of The National Committee on North Korea is well qualified to address the topic. He was Senior Policy Advisor for Chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar from 2002-2013. He is a specialist on North Korea and has been a frequent visitor to Pyongyang and participant in various negotiations. He has also worked with the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank.