T. R. Reid


Reid, author of the critically acclaimed bestsellers “The Healing of America”, “The United States of Europe” and now, “A Fine Mess: A Global Quest for a Simpler, Fairer, and More Efficient Tax System”  has been received with unparalleled enthusiasm at his several previous appearances before the CFWAC. He will give us thoughts on what works and what doesn’t as he compares and contrast the taxation systems of the world’s developed countries. His presentation is certain to be both controversial and entertaining.

“Reid takes us on a world tour of tax systems and the efforts to reform them. He approaches this most disliked specialty of the dismal science of economics with a wry voice and a light touch… a rich and sturdy fabric of facts presented in plain English.” The New York Times review of “A Fine Mess”.

“Mr. Reid’s underlying message of hope does not preclude an intensely satisfying quotient of moral outrage at the worst casualties of our system as it stands.” New York Times Review of Books about “The Healing of America”

TR Reid’s “The United States of Europe” nudges “… America Awake as a United Europe Takes the Stage”, New York Times