David Soucie: Atrophy of Vigilance and Over-Reliance on technology in a hyper-technological world.

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David Soucie serves on the Board of Directors for the World Aviation Forum and is a recognized leader in Aerospace safety. A 35-year veteran of the aviation industry, and a former top FAA flight accident inspector who has systematically investigated, studied and analyzed hundreds of transportation accidents. He is a published author and is CNN’s International Safety Analyst andcontributor.

David speaks about the need to change the way world safety leaders, Corporations and influencers approach safety regulation and their own perspective of safety. He sees numerous examples of an atrophy of vigilance with regard to safety, including the behavior of some organizations representing airlines; the federal bureaucracy; the United Nation International Civil Aviation Organization; and the arrogance and unjustified self-confidence regarding current levels of airplane/airline and transportation safety. Soucie opines of a continuing disregard for the ongoing need to keep up with advancing technologies such as the Automated Cockpit and Artificial Intelligence. He emphasizes the urgency to looking beyond the comfort provided by the safety record enjoyed today and to produce effective anticipatory actions to control and avoid the hazards of tomorrow through concerted efforts to find lasting solutions as soon as possible.

An accomplished author with years of research and investigation experience, Soucie emphasizes, out of many thousands of safe flights, a flight gone wrong which could likely have been avoided. He is concerned about finding ways to avoid airplane disappearances, as expressed in his latest book, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - Why it Disappeared—and Why It’s Only a Matter of Time Before This Happens Again. David has developed an “accident cause algorithm” and vital plans forairplanes, such as black boxes with a longer transmission time . . . and much more.

David Soucie is a modern day crusader for millions of passengers and crews worldwide, as well as for the military.

He is an internationally recognized keynote speaker with a not-to-be-missed presentation for both civil and military aviators, transportation companies, passengers and crew members.